As an important part of the fair, the IMMO’Forum enjoys great popularity and inspires professionals, even those from outside of the industry.

On both days of the fair, the 2019 programme again promises an exciting and varied selection of specialist contributions by renowned industry experts. 


Your participation in the IMMO’19 Forum of the Swiss Real Estate Fair for Investors from the 22 to 23 of January 2019 guarantees your SKPE further education bonus points (Pursuant to the training guidelines for members of the Swiss Chamber of Pension Fund Experts – SKPE).


08:00 – Real estate breakfast
Densification & the role fo SIA

Patrick Hüppi, Skyline Dev.
Joris Van Wezemael, sia
Sabrina Contratto Ménard, CONT-S
Hans-Peter Domanig, Priora


Sepcial entry 07.45-08.15h
Official entrance and access to the fair area from 10h 

10:15 – The Circle 

Riken Yakamoto, The Circle
Beat Pahud, Flughafen Zürich AG
Vincent Albers, FZAG
Jan Eckert, JLL

11:15 – Single Living 

Sophie Brouyère, KPMG
Alice Holenstein, CUREM

11.45 – Special buildings

Stefan Binderheim, DAI
Kai Brunko, SFP Group
Reiner Beckers, Cording Real Estate

12.15 – New ZSC Lions Arena 

Christoph Deiss, ewz
Rodolfo Lindner, cctm consulting

12.45 – Demand in the real estate market: unknown element in the forecasts?

Patricia Rechelt, CSL Immobilien
Dieter Marmet, REALMATCH360

13.15 – Sustainable housing concepts for the elderly

Bojan Simic, Senioresidenz
Prof. Dr. Susanne Hofer, ZHAW/IFM
Alard du Bois-Reymond, Thurvita
Guido Reber, Sensato AG
Patrick Schwendener, PwC Schweiz

13.45 – Indirect real estate investments

Johannes Schwab, SFP Group
Marc Seiler, Bank J. Safra Sarasin
Christian Germann, Solvalor
Wolfgang Müller, MLL
Roland Vögele, MV Invest AG

14.15 – Real estate assessments: who pays should not give instructions

Andreas Löepfe, Universität Zürich
Alex Schärer, Profond Anlagestiftung
Marie Seiler, PwC

14.45 – User needs in the district planning

Christoph Syz, Patrimonium
Christian Frère, Romande Energie

15.15 – Real estate securitisation 2019

Manuel Leuthold, unabh. VR
Nicolas Hatt, SFP
Stefan Lagana, Ernst & Young
Patrick Moser, GAM

15.45 – Welcome

Elvira Bieri, SGS

15.50 – Speech by the initiator of SNBS

Benoit Revaz, BFE

16.00 – Investors
Transformation into a sustainable financial system

Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter, Forma Futura

Sustainable real estate investments

Dr. Jean-Daniel Gerber, SSF

16.30 – Managers of real estate funds and experts in real estate estimates
Sustainable real estate expertise

Samuel Brunner, Orox AM

The position of the Association of Experts

Gunnar Gärtner, SEK/SVIT

SNBS users and their experience
17.00 – Contracting authorities

Ansgar Adamczyk, BVK Zürich
Lorenz Bettler, BBL
Dr. Joelle Zimmerli, Zimraum

17.40 – Promoters and architects

Raphael Frei, pool architekten
Dr. Joelle Zimmerli, Zimraum

17.50 – SNBS – a look beyond national borders

Urs-Thomas Gerber, CSD Ingenieure

18.00 – Conclusion & Apéro

offered by
MV Invest
Swiss Circle

08:00 – Swiss Circle Briefing

Roman Bolliger, Swiss Circle
Felix Westermann, Swiss Circle
Mario Facchinetti, SwissPropTech
Roland Vögele, SwissPropertyFair – MV Invest


Sepcial entry 07.45-08.15h
Official entrance and access to the fair area from 9.30h

09:45 – Real Estate Market – 2019 Outlook

Jan Eckert, JLL
Andreas Ammann, Partner, Wüest Partner AG

10:15 – New co-working trends

Jens Göttler, La Française Real Estate Partners International
Adrian Murer, PSP Swiss Property
Florian Kuprecht, CBRE Switzerland

10:45 – Connected housing – a housing culture that has a future

Ivo Bracher, bonainvest
Dr. Alain Benz, bonainvest
Christian Ebneter, ABB

11:15 – The challenges of real estate investments

Gabriela Theus, IMMOFONDS
Andreas F. Vögeli, NKF
Lars Egger, Espace Real Estate
Silvia Hochrein, PROCIMMO

11:45 – Swiss wood construction

Max Renggli, Renggli AG
Tobias Achermann, Zug Estates

12:15 – Generation Y

Mia Kepenek, Kepenek Interiors

12:45 – Public real estate management

Patrik Schmid, Wüest Partner
René Tschanz, Stadt Zürich Immobilien
Tanya Schild, Universität Zürich

13:15 – Asia – Real estate for pension funds

Prof.Dr. M. Trübestein, Hochschule Luzern
Rudolf Tschopp
, Asia Green Real Estate
Martin Willi, BLVK

13:45 – Real estate loans

Laura Schulze, LaSalle Investment Management
Rene Hoepfner, LaSalle Investment Management
Hansjörg Sommerau, Tavis Capital

14:15 – European vs. US residential real estate

Fabian Klingler, Aberdeen
Frederik De Block, SFP

14:45 – Mortgages as an investment

René Menet, PK Stadt St.Gallen
Dr. Ueli Mettler, c-alm
Christian Stöckli, Finovo
Kay Foerschle, MoneyPark / Finovo

15:15 – PropTech 2.0

Mario Facchinetti, SwissPropTech
Joanna Demkow, SwissPropTech

Real Estate Technology

Urs Springer, Blockstrom
Jenny Wyss, flatfox
Dominic Lüdin, Pricehubble

Construction Technology

Paul Curschellas, buildup
Adrian Obrist, digitalSTROM
Sandor Balogh, smino

16:15 – Conclusion & Apéro

offered by SwissPropTech